Friday, July 1, 2011

Crowning Moments! Hop #3


Here we are again.  Is your summer flying like mine?  I have been reading on various blogs about vacations and days on the beach, fishing and just taking a drive.  It all boils down to one thing:  summer time is a glorious season full of "Crowning Moments!"

I want to feature one faithful follower today because I really enjoyed his entry last week.  His life realization was really a crowning moment while being taught with an entertaining story.  It made me think how often we accept what may be given to us without questioning when life could be better for us if we took the initiative to make it so.  Joe, aka. the Cranky Old Man, portrayed that last week HERE.  Take a look at this wonderful story.

I also have to share one more thing, although I have no idea how it fits into my Crowning Moments! post.  It just made my night to see and I wanted to share it.  Go HERE for your "hair-raising" minute of the day and try to guess what the commercial is for.  (You won't until the very end!)  Thanks to Lacey at the Burrows Family blog for sending this to me.

So to get the is thing started, these are the rules:

1. If you don't already, follow the host website (http:/

2. Grab my new hop button above and put it on your site, if you want to, so others can find their way back & share in the fun.
3. Link up a post, not a whole blog.

4. Go to the other links, comment, follow, and HAVE FUN!


  1. Thanks for the link to that blog! Great read :) I posted a link to this on my facebook page!

  2. Thank you for the plug!! I Hope you enjoy "Bob Ross" a sappy post from the Cranky Old Man! I can only comment as Anonymous dk why. Can't figure out that button thingy.


  3. Sweet Melanie, thank you for the hair raising moment...good grief, my heart was pounding and then I burst out laughing!

    Big Hugs and have a happy and safe holiday weekend

  4. sn't cranky old man simply wonderful? I adore him too!

  5. I find Summer Vacation is hard work, with five kids home all the time. But I'm working on enjoying it!

    Thanks for visiting me at! I really appreciate it.

  6. I must say, my mind was going wild trying to figure out what the ad was all about! Ha! Good one!
    I love your optimistic and energetic attitude towards life! You are right--if we do our best and have the right outlook, we could see that we really are living the dream!
    Your kids are adorable and I love that they all have their own blog! I have 7 kids, so I know how much it takes to run a big household, and always admire those such as yourself who do such a fabulous job with it! God bless you!
    Ang (new follower)


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