Friday, June 24, 2011

Crowning Moments! Hop #2

I'm so excited to be having my second blog hop!  Last week, I had some amazing posts!  One, in particular, has stuck with me. Click RIGHT HERE to read this incredible "Crowning Moment!" from last week, written by my good friend, Marlee.

I love this theme because so many of you accomplish great things or experience such profound, life-altering realizations that we can all share in.  The beauty of a "crowning moment'" however, is that the greatest change in your life can be as simple and spectacular as you child's first step.  I was very touched by Allison's video she linked up last week of her son's first steps when they wondered if he would be able to walk.  What great Crowning Moments!

So, without further ado, here are the rules:

1. If you don't already, follow the host website (http:/

2. Grab my new hop button above and put it on your site so others can find their way back & share in the fun.

(I wasn't sure how to get the html for it, so if you download this picture to your files, go to the design page of your blog, add a gadget, go to pictures, and then add my link "" in the space available, it will work.
3. Link up a post, not a whole blog.

4. Go to the other links, comment, follow, and HAVE FUN!


  1. Neat idea. I put the button in my blog hop library at!

  2. My post was a bit of a rant on my part.....I was reading about it on another site and it got me all fired up...hehehehe. Anyway, I have found that almost all of the people that responded to it have agreed with me. Guess I'm not so weird after all!

  3. Lisa, thanks for adding my button to your library. I am honored to be in such great company.

    Nicole, I can't wait to read your rant! And it's always good to know you have company in those moments!

  4. Hoping your weekend is a nice one. Thinking of you and sending ♥

  5. Thanks for another hopping week-end. I added a post from April. We've raised all our kids out of the house, so I guess one could call that a shining moment. Time to go to the bars with my kids. Tee hee - I bet a lot of folks out there in Mommy hop land can't do that. ;)


  6. Some "Crowning Moments" are just metaphores of life.

    "Pride Rock" is an example of how stupid we sometimes are in accepting the apparent and failing to try and change!

    joeh - The Cranky Old Man

  7. Following you back from your follow and entry into my 15 follower and counting giveaway. please feel free to stop by my blog and earn extra entries into the giveaway.

  8. Katherine, thank you so much for joining in and all of my readers will so benefit from your "Crowning Moments!" I can't wait to go enter all 150!

    Joyce, you're right on both accounts - a true "Crowning Moment!" getting the kids raised and the only bars I walk into with my kids are attached to their bikes that they leave laying around!

    Joe, fabulous story! You're right, what a perfect metaphor for life. That is really a "Crowning Moment!" when we realize we have control over our lives and don't need to follow what has always been or what is expected. Loved it!

  9. joeh

    failed to leave my blog name. DK why I have to comment as anonymous?

  10. Svihl, Thank you so much for stopping by.

    Joe, have you checked your settings? A while ago, quite a few people were having to comment as anonymous, but I don't think it lasted as long as your problem. Sorry for the inconvenience. I am glad you signed up twice, though, because it makes it look like I have more people signed up!

  11. Linked up! Hope your summer is going great :)

  12. Hey Melanie!
    I have put up a post about my THREE crowning moments this week.
    I hope you like it!

    -Khush from Journey.

  13. Following via the blog hop. Cute family!

  14. Thanks for following Life or Something Like It. Following you back.

  15. I still just love these pictures of your family. So great! Becky from VB

  16. Saying hi from Voiceboks and enjoying your blog!

  17. Found you on voiceBoks, and I am so glad I did! Love that you make the kiddos write blogs too! What a great way to keep a journal! I will be back!

  18. Thanks for following!
    I am your newest follower on all your blogs.
    Quick Tattletails Blog Hop Directory

  19. Linked up. Hope you have a great week.

  20. Melanie,
    Thanks for linking up on our Battles!

    On the button, it is your hop button, and it does work on the hyperlink, but the image does not display. I'll keep trying on the code. Blogger has been doing weird things too lately, so it could be that??


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