To get right to the game form, click RIGHT HERE.

In order to find your old verification words, or captchas, when you post most comments, a captcha box will come up.  Just type in each letter of the alphabet separately and every captcha that you have typed before will pop up.  Thanks for that info Lisa, at I'm All A Twitter About Life.

For those of you who are new, here's the details:

I think some of the verification words that you find when you post comments are hilarious. I am always wondering, "Is that one really a word?" Well, if they aren't, they should be.

Here are the rules. Look for and note your favorite verification words and then make up a definition for them. You can go RIGHT HERE to play.

Please limit your reponses to three. I will be accepting words Monday through Wednesday. We will vote for our favorite one, (please do not vote for yourself,) Thursday and Friday, and then I will notify the winner on Saturday.

The winner will receive the featured spot on Livin' the Dream with an interview to go along with it. Hopefully, this will increase the flow of traffic your way.

Thanks for playing. If you have any suggestions to improve this site, please feel free to let me know.

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