Friday, February 11, 2011

Crowning Moments! Homecoming Queen

Shock registered on the three girl's faces as the runner-up was announced.  Everybody knew she was supposed to be Homecoming Queen.  She had been groomed for this day from the first day of high school.  Not only was she beautiful, she was head cheerleader, was dating the star of the football team and the name everyone would say when asked the question, "Who is the most popular girl of this school."  She was the expected victor.  But here she was, being crowned first runner-up. 

As she received her crown and bouquet of flowers, there was time to gain a semblance of composure for the other two girls left standing there.  Well, now the choice was apparent.  As the president of the drill team and the obvious winner of the talent contest, there was no question as to who would receive the crown. 

There was no ill-will or animosity felt from the girl who shouldn't have even been standing with the top five.  She was just excited to have made it that far.  With forty percent of the points coming from the high school student's vote, popularity was the determining factor.  Although she felt she had done well on the interview, that was worth only twenty percent of the total score.  The talent contest, another twenty percent of the overall points, obviously was taken by the talented dancer standing next to her.  The perfect execution of every step and inarguable master of technique made anyone watching gaze in wonderment.  With the remaining twenty percent being split by the evening gown competition and a final question, there was no doubt who the chosen royalty would be.  One contestant was sporting her junior prom dress that she finally found in the desired price range, and although pretty, it was hard to compete with the fitted gown that dazzled the eye on her competitor.  And what can you say about the question?  World peace is world peace.

"And the 1991-1992 Homecoming Queen is... the little gal from Rush Valley, Melanie Park!"  It was as if time slowed; it seemed a hush fell across the stage and the audience, and then the deafening roar of cheers erupted, breaking the stunned spell I was under.  As if in a dream, THE CROWN, was placed on my head and a dozen long-stem roses set in my arms.  Cameras flashed as I was surrounded and embraced by the other contestants.  The confusion of people rushing up on the stage giving hugs and congratulations and handing me flowers proceeded; a "crowning moment," literally!  It was all a little overwhelming, and so unexpected, not only to me, I'm sure, but to most of the contestants, especially those final five.

Going back a year before this memorable point in my life, I was sixteen years old.  I went to Education Week at BYU every year from the time I was fourteen.  I loved it!  The youth speakers were so entertaining and at the same time, inspirational.  I learned so much about myself and my testimony of Jesus Christ grew immensely.

One of the speakers this particular year, Barbara Barrington Jones, was speaking on "How to Be the Most Popular Kid in School".  This was definitely a topic I was interested in.  Don't we all want to be popular?  Although I don't remember if there were a number of steps to take, I do remember the part about smiling.  Smile at everyone.  Being popular isn't about you, it's about others.  I decided right then and there that I could be the most popular girl in high school  After all, I could smile.

Well, I don't know if I was the most popular girl in school, but I do know that I had a lot of good friends that I loved.  I do know that my high school experience was awesome because I could look outside myself and try to make someone else's day brighter, just by smiling.

Now, of course, my dreams have changed somewhat.  Do I want to win a popularity contest?  No.  Not anymore.  I now dream of all the dirty socks making it into the hamper, getting caught up on the laundry, and the crushed Chex cereal vacuuming itself out of the carpet.  In reality, when I look at the grand scheme of things, (and overlook the constant crumb pile under the high chair,) I'm "livin' the dream."  I have healthy, happy kids, my husband loves me and works hard to provide all our family needs, I'm surrounded by great friends and loved one, and I have a loving Father in Heaven that sees my potential and inspires me to reach for it.  Who could want more than that?

This realization: a true "crowning moment"!


  1. Fantastic - I love the quote 'popularity is not about you, it's about others'. So true!

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.


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