Monday, February 28, 2011

Above and Beyond: True Friends

As I stare out the window at the falling snow, I am reminded of the old television sets that used to show just static.  It's hard to make out a picture beyond all of that falling white stuff.

As the snow piles grow higher, I can't help but wonder if I'm going to be able to get out of the driveway with the car.

As my thoughts linger on this question, I am knocked out of my reverie by the sound of a tractor.  It's my neighbor, to the rescue again.  He expertly pushes and spins, lifts and turns the backhoe, insuring a safe and easy drive down our 1000 feet of snow-covered gravel to the highway.

I have been in town all day.  I hurry home, only to find it's 5:30 and Richard will be home for dinner in 15 minutes.  I am flipping through cook books trying to come up with an alluring dish for my family of eight.  It's too late now to make any bread or rolls that would complete a simple dish, and I don't have time to start a more complex meal.  I'm now wishing I would have stopped at Little Caesars on the way home, just to save me this trouble.

I hear the dog bark and look out to see my good friend headed for the door with a dish covered with tin foil.  As I open the door for my unexpected neighbor, she gives me a smile and explains, "I made some extra cinnamon rolls and wanted to bring you some."

We all have friends and neighbors that seem to know when to drop in with a plate of cookies, send a note of friendship or appreciation, or just call and say "hi." 

Thanks to all of our special friends that go "above an beyond" at times that may seem insignificant to them but have meant the world to our family.  We love you!

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