Friday, February 18, 2011

Crowning Moments!

The time had come, just like they said it would.  If this were going to work, they would have to hurry.  The two of them quickly gathered the things they would need and rushed to their car.

The roads were slick, the snow coming at them horizontally.  On a night like this, no one should be out, but this venture was unavoidable.  It was something that had to be done.  The couple watched for an ambush.  There were many surprised who weren't paying attention. 

They pushed the dark vehicle as far as they dared.  The dangerous, winding roads took skill to maneuver and the two were grateful they had done their homework.  They'd memorized every turn, the narrow spots, and the places to pull off, if necessary.

After what seemed like hours of driving, but was really much shorter, they arrived at their meeting place.  The team was waiting for them.  They switched vehicles and headed to their final destination.  It would all happen here.  Time was of the essence and they were running out of it!

Gloves were pulled on, masks made ready.  There wasn't any way they could pull this off without inflicting pain and they braced themselves for it.  They couldn't wait, the moment had come.

As if time slowed, one man walked confidently to the table.  Amid the confusion, a cry was heard. 

The nurses wrapped the squirming, newborn in a warm blanket and handed the bundle to me.

Is there anything better than that instant bond you have with something so fresh-from-Heaven, so special?  Knowing this baby will love you more than anything or anyone sends you into a spin of emotion.  As you're snuggling this new child  to you, you're amazed at your infant's sudden calmness when your voice, a mother's voice, is heard.  That little bow-shaped mouth, tiny turned-up nose, great big beautiful eyes, all ten fingers and toes: they're complete perfection!  The intense stirring of love and joy are overwhelming.  What a "crowning moment"!


  1. Coming over from the Monday's Best hop-thank goodness both of my boys have been born in relatively good weather in the spring. It is a miracle when you see that brand new being on the earth for the first time!

  2. Can only post as Anony, don't know why. I never felt that particular CM but I have witnessed it 4 times! This is my first blog hop, be gentle joeh-thecrankyoldman.

  3. I feel sorry for women who never have kids. Your kids are beautiful.



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