Monday, April 4, 2011

Above and Beyond: Mom

Me, Dawnean, and Mom: Happy Mother's Day "STRAIT" to you both!

My sister and I took Mom to the George Strait/ Reba McEntire concert for an early Mother's Day present.  All I'm going to say is there's a reason they're the King and Queen of country music.  It was awesome!  We had so much fun with Mom and she loved it.  So in honor of her, I dedicate this post to her and all mothers, who go "ABOVE AND BEYOND" for their children.

It was a short night, you didn't get much sleep,
Rocking and walking the floor.
With patience and love, you so softly spoke,
No Mother would have done more.

Although time passes quickly, the night is still short,
Sick kids don't give you much rest.
Checking on fevers and dosing out meds,
You hope you gave it your best.

A teenage child, the night passes by,
With you on your knees in prayer.
She can't fit on your lap, there's never the time,
You somehow show her you care.

Where did the time go, the night is so short,
Tomorrow she leaves the nest.
You've packed all her things, her hopes and her dreams,
You've prepared her for her own test.

Now you stand in her kitchen, as she's up all night,
She's up with her own this time.
Her patience and love, she got it from you,
You've helped her make this climb.

Although the time goes on, you don't sleep through the night,
You think of the tears and the smiles.
Through phone calls and visits you still are so close,
Your memories make up for the miles.

It was always worth it, those long, sleepless nights,
Time has only strengthened the bond.
She now sees what you've done for her, always right there,
Going "above and beyond."

I love you so much, Mom.  Thank you for everything!

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