Friday, April 29, 2011

Crowning Moments! "Ice" Takes the Cake

Brooklyn, Weston, me, Katelyn-our b-day girl, Jentry, Justin, and Shaylie at Peaks Skating Arena.
 A few days ago, my little Katelyn turned nine years old.  For birthdays, we have a friend birthday party every other year.  The in-between years, we have a family-only celebration.  This year, Katelyn chose to go ice-skating.  We were able to go to Peaks Arena in Provo where the 2002 Winter Olympics were held.

I was amazed how well my little kiddies could skate.  Katelyn and Shaylie had been ice skating once each, but that was it.  After a few times around the arena, they were all flying by me, challenging me to races while I was "feeling" my way around the edge.  Even Brooklyn, my youngest, could walk without even hardly wobbling on the cushioned floor in her ice skates.  (Just a note: One and a half years old is not old enough to ice skate when the parents can't let go of the side to help.)

Although the whole experience was a "crowning moment" because it was just such a fun family night, the real "crowning moments" occurred during the not-so-fun times.  Every time somebody would crash, (which was often with five kids with no experience,) one of their siblings would race over and clumsily help them up.  Sometimes, the result would be a Daybell family pile-up, but after enough struggling, they would all end up back on their feet and speed off again in all directions.

You always hope your kids will love each other and be each other's best friends.  I love these glimpses of that friendship and love that come out every so often just to let you know that you are doing something right.  All of the speeches you give, all of the referee calls you have to make, all of the bonding activities you plan seem worth it at these "crowning moments." 


  1. your children are so adorable :)
    You are lucky to have a great soul-mate & a family ♥
    I too wish to have many children,I always keep telling my bf that I want atleast 4 children!! :)
    Thanks for following..Il def. follow back
    keep in touch

  2. Those are the wonderful moments that keep us going, aren't they? I love all of your pictures and I'm so happy for you that you're living your dream. You and your family do truly look happy!!! Following you now from the hop!


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