Monday, April 11, 2011

Above and Beyond: Supporting our Troops

Marine Corps War Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C.
 I have to admit, I don't really personally know any person serving our country in the armed forces.  This may sound naive,  but it is true.  This fact does not, however, make me any less grateful for what they are doing for us as a country, or feel any less sadness when I hear the statistics of wounded and killed soldiers. 

I admire so much the families that send out their young sons and daughters to fight for a cause that sometimes seems lost in the politics of it all.  I share that feeling of love and support with them and pray for a safe return for each serving family member.

And to those who are serving our country and love America enough to sacrifice their time, energy, and possibly their lives  in our behalf, may I salute you and all you do.  You are truly going "Above and Beyond!"  Your courage and selflessness is amazing to me and is tremendously humbling.  Words do not suffice in these situations, but may I say   "THANK YOU!"

I was just recently made aware of people who are doing what they can to support our troops; people who are getting involved instead of just standing back and watching.  I found a website that announced the winners of the Microsoft Above and Beyond Awards.  These awards "recognize and honor those ordinary Americans who become extraordinary through their selflessness."  Reading about some of the organizations out there that are making the lives of our soldiers and their families a little easier was so touching.  It inspired me to see what part I can play in this effort.  I decided to start by making you aware of this year's winners of the above awards.  Maybe it will inspire you as it did me.

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