Monday, April 18, 2011

Above and Beyond: Nursery-Time!

Brooklyn is 18 months!
 Well, my youngest is now nursery age!  Where did the time go?  What's it going to be like to actually sit through a whole Relief Society lesson and know what the topic is or play the piano in Primary without having an extra bass line? 

Although it could be a bittersweet time for me, I can only say "HOORAY!"  Not only am I thinking of myself, but my little sweetheart, as well.  It probably goes without saying that the church lessons that I prefer to listen to are really not all that entertaining to a one-year-old.

As I sat in the Nursery room with Brooklyn for the first time, I was amazed at the teachers, Shari Webster and Vicki Mitchell.  Their willingness to crawl under tables, make chicken sounds and gather up endless stray Goldfish crackers just to entertain and teach four toddlers under the age of two was impressive.  They definitely went "above and beyond" to make each child feel comfortable and to teach each one, as well.  It was reassuring to know that the principles that we are teaching at home will be reinforced in Brooklyn's new class.

Brooklyn only looked at me twice during the whole two hours and went about her happy play and learn session with such an out-of-character disregard for me that I was relieved and ecstatic for this new phase in both of our lives.

So may I give two thumbs up to those special ladies who sit, (or shall I say crawl, jump, lift, skip, sing, cheer, teach, feed, cuddle, read, etc., etc.) with our babies in the back corner room of our little church, separated from their peers and all socializing, thinking nothing of themselves, in order for the rest of us to walk away with our cups full.  Thank you so much for your service in our behalf.

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