Monday, June 20, 2011

Above and Beyond: Happy Mother's Day?

Not a good night Saturday night; two sick babies equals no sleep for Mom. When I had new babies, I was maybe used to it, but now, I need more than two hours of fitful slumber!

Sunday found me dragging to say the least. The kids made cinnamon pancakes, eggs and bacon for their incredible Dad with a cute sign hanging in our entranceway that read "Happy Fathers Day!" He got a new rasp to file the horses' hooves and tons of kisses and hugs from the kids. He then took them to Church, (while I stayed home with the little ones,) where he was sung to and honored, again.

By the time Church was over, lunch had passed and the two sick sweeties were napping, I was ready to crash. I was vaguely aware of laying down and don't remember much until the smell of yummy food reached my nostrils.

While I was sleeping, (which Moms never get to do during the day!!!!) Richard had put potatoes in the oven to bake, cooked lamb chops to perfection, and made watermelon balls for the side. He did all of this as well as a sink full of dishes and a load of laundry.

Meanwhile, the whipping cream sits in the fridge, waiting to be put into saddlebags atop our faithful steeds, where it will be mixed into a delectable ice cream concoction. The horses stand out in the pasture, waiting to be saddled whereon my husband and I will enjoy a couple hours of simple conversation, inside jokes, and beautiful scenery with maybe a kiss or two for good measure.  At least that is still the plan, after two little girls are back to normal.

Happy Father's Day, honey!   Thanks for going "above and beyond," again.


  1. Awwww what a great hubby!!!! It sounds like you support each other and care for one another so well. Not to mention the love I can read in your writing. Such a lovely and beautiful thing to see!!!

  2. Wow! You really do have a dream life! You're such a beautiful family. I hope the 2 little ones feel better soon and that you're able to catch up on your sleep. Have a great Monday!!

  3. Thanks alot Richard, for making us all look BAD!!

    Cranky Old Man

  4. Hi - thanks for following me from Monday's best. Your blog is awesome & your family is beautiful! Hope your little ones feel better soon.

  5. it'slovely what your hubby did for you, and on Father's Day too! What a loving husband. Hopeyour children are better. :

  6. Wow. It really does seem like you live a dream life! I'm sure it's not easy (nobody's life ever really is) but it sounds lovely. I hope your little ones feel better really soon.


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