Monday, June 13, 2011

Blogger-dash Winner Announced!

And now, for the news you've all been waiting for, last week's winner of the Blogger-dash game was Colleen, at A Day in the Life of a Five Foot Mama.

Colleen, (Five Foot Mama,) and her little family with Brennan on the way.

Colleen got the most votes for her hilarious captcha,"rednex: (noun, plural) a group of people who exhibit strange or ridiculous behavior.  One who belongs to this group will typically possess an intelligence quotient lower than 84.  Other distinguishing features include buck teeth, mullets, camouflage clothing, a shotgun in a large truck, and a house on wheels.  Rednex may be male or female "

I think at times we may all display certain aspects that may be considered to fit in this category, (take for example the rocking chair that I was throwing out last year, but my husband thought it was so comfy, it stayed in our backyard the rest of the summer so he could enjoy it!  We looked like "rednex.")  In honor of our Five Foot Mama, let's all see how many posts we can use the word "rednex" in. Be sure to let me know if you use it so that we can all check it out.

I love Colleen's blog!  She has a handsome hubby and a darling little boy that she shares with us in her posts of everyday life.  Not only does she share the milestones they go through as a family, but also has fun, interesting, and practical advice and tips to help her readers grow.  

And for all of you mothers or mothers-to-be, she just did a fun review on some cute onesie stickers!  (I didn't even know what these were, but they're adorable and you need to go check them out. You can even get a discount on your order if you go through her!)

I look forward to featuring you, Colleen, so that we all can enjoy your "Life as a Five Foot Mama!"


  1. That one was the hands-down winner! Congrats to Colleen!

  2. Congratulations Colleen...vB friends are the best!

  3. I like the term "rednex". I seem to know a few rednex :)

  4. Thanks everybody! And Melanie- thanks so much for the feature! This is great! I just love the chair story!


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