Thursday, June 16, 2011

Everything I Learned, I Learned in Kindergarten... and Then Re-learned as a Mom

Art 101
 Remember trying to achieve the straight lines or perfect circles; mastering the concept of  complementary colors and light versus shadow?  I remember learning about perspective and what a neat concept that was; that as you got closer in the foreground of your picture, the trees, or roads got wider or taller.  There were so many things that made art attractive and "right".  

As I've become a Mom, my perspective has changed.  I've re-learned what is beautiful art as my kids have developed their own talents.  When my four-year-old asks if I love her drawing of a horse, I honestly tell her it is the most beautiful horse I've ever seen, (now which end is the tail on?)

 As my kids bring home their different holiday art projects, the once pristine blue and silver Christmas tree has transformed into a modge-podge of colors and shapes.  But is it any less beautiful?  Sure, walking around the Festival of Trees sends a longing for a perfectly trimmed tree in complementing colors and shapes, but as we turn on the lights that are hung loosely on only one side of our own pine-scented tree, the warmth and Spirit of the season flows just as strong. 

 And so, although the masterpieces hanging all over my fridge may not be Monet's, they might rival Picasso's; and even if I have to ask "Oh, it's upside down?", the mountain scene taped to the door bares a strong resemblance to the real mountain scene outside my window. 

 As I continue to "learn" what art is, I'm grateful for the talents I can help nurture and develop in those future artists that seem to decorate every wall (and sometimes, it's literally the wall), with color and life.

Edited version from January 27, 2011


  1. That is so cute! Your kids are budding artists!

  2. Awwww! I love your "Everything I learned" posts! This one was so sweet!

  3. your children are beautiful! I love kid's drawings. I compile my children's too, especally their drawings of me. I used to be drawn as a bald headed mama with one strand of hair. At least now I'm beginning to look prettier in their drawings! haha..

  4. Well Melanie,
    I thank god I did not upload one of MY drawings.
    It may have confirmed the '12 year old' concept in your head! (hahahah)

    Your kid's drawing just reminded me 1 of my silly drawings that I made for my mom.

    Just like your baby's made you RED, I made my mom's face with black-dirty-looking dots.
    Yeah that's sad. I made her pimples on her picture! How mean. I wonder what a DE-motivationg picture it would have been for my mommy!
    Your picture looks nice. The boots are cute! :P

  5. So sweet! And yes, it is the best art there is! Six children! What a blessing :-)

  6. What a sweet post. Your children's drawings are precious! Great job instilling such creativity in them!


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