Monday, May 23, 2011

Blogger-dash Winner Announced!

And, now a drumroll...

The winner of the first ever Blogger-dash game is Jen at A Book, A Girl, A Journey. I love her fun personality and creativity that goes into everything she writes.

Right now, I know Jen's shouting at her screen, "Pardare! Pardare! I really didn't mean for you to publish THAT picture!"

Her fabulous Blogger-dash entry was this captcha and definition: Pardare - This word should be used only if you are sorry for issuing a dare. Say you dare your spouse to work late and they actually do. You should then give them a call and say, "Pardare, please come home." Say you dare your child to put something non-edible in their mouth. If they do, immediately shout, "Pardare! Pardare! Pardare!" They will understand that you did not really mean this ridiculous thing. Pardare - it can be a life saver!

Jen, that is so funny. In honor of you, let's all see how many posts we can use the word "pardare" in. (I just used my first one today!) Be sure to let me know so that we can all check it out.

Jen will be my featured blogger all this week. She is hosting her "MONDAY BEST" BLOG HOP today.

She just started this blog hop last week so if you head over there today, you can be one of the founding posters. Grab her blog hop button and get her post numbers up there.

Although I have all sorts of juicy news to share with you all of this week about Jen, I just want to share one of my favorite posts of Jen's, today. It's just the epitome of that crazy journey of motherhood. Thanks so much for deciding to share THIS BEAUTIFUL MEMORY with us.

Join me tomorrow for another look into Jen's blogging world and remember, a new Blogger-dash game is starting today, so find you a great captcha, click on the above BLOGGER-DASH TAB for instructions, and have fun. Entries will be accepted through Wednesday. You could be my featured blogger next!


  1. lol! Love it! Thanks for sharing that post, it means a lot to me that you find it so moving.
    I will also strive to use the word Pardare wherever possible :D

  2. Keep up the good work!
    Hopped from VoiceBoks & our new frequent user group
    See you around


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