Friday, May 27, 2011

Crowning Moments! 100 Followers!

I really didn't think I'd see this day, (and in actuality, I haven't,) but I am so close.  What an exciting accomplishment to think that I have almost 100 followers: a true "crowning moment!"  I have loved the support and comments I have received from so many of you and have tried to return the love.

To let you know how grateful I am for you, I have a great giveaway!  There will actually be 6 winners, so the odds of winning are pretty good.  As soon as I receive my 100th follower, I will post this exciting prize.  I will give you a hint:  those of you who have children or grandchildren will be very interested in this.

Stay tuned!  I might be reaching this awesome goal this weekend!!!  Thanks again for experiencing life with me as I am "Livin' the Dream".

This morning my follower count is 99!!

Also, click HERE to go vote for your favorite Blogger-dash entry!  Today is the last day and I will be announcing this week's Blogger-dash winner tomorrow!


  1. I sent the word out on twitter, good luck!

  2. Congrats on reaching 100 followers!! It seems like such an unreachable goal in the beginning, but obviously with all of your hard work and great posts,, it was easy for you!!
    Congrats and can't wait to read more!

  3. Congrats! What an exciting milestone :]
    PS - It looks CHILLY where you live! Haha

  4. WOW! You got it girl...just checked and you have 101 followers! Congratulations!
    Thanks for being a voiceBoks friend!
    Becky Jane

  5. Congratulations!!!! Thank you for extending your friendship at VB. for my other blog Big Hugs!

  6. You guys are all so awesome! Thanks for the support, the help, the love! And now, without further ado, I guess I better post my giveaway!

  7. Hi! Congratulations on 100! I would be following too now - but your followers thing isn't loading for me. That is happening on my site too. :( I came over from the Sit and Relax Weekend Hop - congrats for being the featured blogger over there :)
    My Blog:

  8. How exciting! Congratulations!!! I started my blog in August of 2010 and today my subscriber count is 92 (but my feedburner stats fluctuate everyday it seems. Either feedburner is wonky or I have people subscribing and unsubscribing every day!).

    Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other week. Sorry it took me so long to respond, I'm really behind on responding to comments. I'd love to subscribe to your blog via email, but I didn't notice a subscription box anywhere. Let me know if you add one so that I can sign up :) I can't keep up with a feed or GFC.

    Thanks again for stopping by and commenting, I really appreciate it!


    P.S. I'm currently looking for guest bloggers for June and July. If you or any other blogger you know is interested, please check out my "Guest Bloggers" tab on my blog and then let me know :)

  9. Hey Melanie...I was thinking abt u few days back and the game on this lovely blog of urs:):) I havent taken part yet and would love to..Could u buzz me:)?? And yeah...congratulations and celebrations!!!
    Its such a pleasure to see people following us and loving us...may many more come:)


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