Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Down on the Farm: Tarzan Calls

After sharing some love a few posts back, I happened to mention a certain talent I have for performing Tarzan calls. Because I was asked about this, and I was going to eventually write a post about it anyway, I decided it might as well be now.

Back when I was a kid, I remember on television, they had a Tarzan marathon. Although it was in black and white, (no kids, there was color t.v. before I was born,) our family gathered around the television set. For one whole day straight, and late into the night, they played Tarzan episode after Tarzan episode. The show must have been a big deal, although all I remember about it was I had a headache from watching t.v. all day.

Back up, even before then, I remember my Dad and his particular talent he had at doing Tarzan calls. He was so good at them. He could make the sound echo off the hills. While we were watching the Tarzan marathon, I was struck with how familiar the Tarzan call sounded because I had been hearing Dad do that my whole life.

One of the talents I got from my Dad was that ability to do an awesome Tarzan call. I can carry it out so it echoes off the mountains that surround our little ranch. In fact, I have used this call many times to find my kids when we have all separated to look for elk antlers, when I needed to round everybody up for something, and most often, to call the troops, Richard included, in to dinner.

One night in particular, I had dinner all ready and had everybody gathered except Richard. I knew he was going to help the neighbor down the road and figured he probably got to visiting. I walked out on our front porch and sent out a Tarzan call that echoed around the canyon. It made me light-headed, I put so much into that call.

I stood there watching, not sure if Richard was still at the nieghbor's or not, and even if he was, not sure that he could hear me. And then, all of a sudden, his little green truck flew up over the hill and hurried up our driveway. As Richard stepped out, a big smile on his lips, he asked, "You called?"

I returned the smile and answered, "Dinner's ready."


  1. That is awesome! I totally need to hone that talent!

  2. Ha ha ha... hilarious! I can't even get my husband to hear me from two feet away!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting about the TP roll. I'm so with you on the direction of it. I'll actually flip it around, even at a friend's house. C'mon people... There is a right way to do things. LOL...


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