Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Everything I Learned, I Learned in Kindergarten... and Then Re-learned as a Mom

Religion 101: In the scriptures, we read, "and a little child shall lead them...." Isn't it so true about the faith of a child. Children believe so easily and so completely.

We irrigate our hayfields with a ditch that runs along one end of them. My kids love to go out with Richard and fix the dams. They love chasing the voles that pop out of their holes as the water slowly spreads across the field. They love racing sticks down the swift moving water. They love dragging the shovel for Dad as they chat about their day. They love everything about it.

Last year, while the water in the ditches was high, Justin, my 7-year-old, was walking alongside his Dad with his own irrigation boots on when he stepped into the ditch. With Richard holding onto his hand to keep him from washing away, he exclaimed, "Look Dad! I'm walking on water, just like Jesus!"

As we try to teach our kids the importance of prayer in our lives, we have been so blessed to have choice opportunities to pray when a toy or a shoe gets lost, and at these critical moments that test ones faith, the item is found and we can once again pray to thank our Heavenly Father for the help.

Just a couple of days ago, Jentry, my 4-year-old was giving those in the minivan a lesson on being good. She informed us that Heavenly Father does give spankings if we are really bad and they hurt because He is strong and magic.

Well, so maybe our lessons on religion are missing the mark a little, but I am happy that she knows Heavenly Father is there and that He wants us to be good.

As we become mothers, I believe that the child-like faith comes back as we must put our trust in something greater than we are. The incredible responsibility that we are given to raise these precious spirits is humbling, and only by asking in faith for help in raising them to be happy, healthy, and loving people can we succeed in our role.

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  1. So true! Love children and their faith. If only we could ALL be more like them. I also love that you always take the chances to share Him with them.


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