Thursday, May 19, 2011

Everything I Learned, I Learned in Kindergarten... and Then Re-learned as a Mom

History 201: Ahhh, the good ol' days!

Mom used to say she remembered when a gallon of gas was a quarter. She used to go to the "showhouse" and watch a movie plus get popcorn and a drink for a nickel. She remembers the first person on her block that got a color television.

My Dad used to like to ride his horse everywhere he went. His old stomping grounds are now filled in with apartment buildings, convenience stores, fast food joints, and malls.

As I pulled into the gas station the other day to fill up and watched the numbers beside the dollar sign jumping at an alarming rate, I looked forlornly at the sign showing $3.75 per gallon for unleaded.

I got back in the car and told my kids, "I remember when gas was 99 cents a gallon, a big candybar was 25 cents and you could buy a gumball for a penny! But now that's history."

The kids looked at me with varying degrees of astonishment on their faces. "You lived that long ago?"

I began defensively explaining that it wasn't THAT long ago, but their questions were coming faster than I could answer. "Did you used to ride in a covered wagon?" "Did you have color t.v.?" "Did they have electricity when you were little?" "Were you here when Jesus was born?"

I said "history," not ancient history!


  1. LOL. Isn't it funny how kids think of "time". I remember when gas was 99 cents too! I paid $3.99/gallon this morning. 2 weeks ago, I paid $4.14! My son always says stuff like, "Back in the old days, when you were little."

  2. Covered wagons? when Jesus was alive? Lol! And (gasp) our phones were attached to the wall and *I* was the remote control!

  3. LOL! I find myself saying things like that all the time. My son recently looked at me like I had a 3rd arm when we had this conversation,"I LOVE Michaelangelo- he was my favorite." "Um, mom- you KNOW the Ninja Turles?" "Honey, they've been around since I was little." "No WAY!" Gotta love being a parent.
    I found you off VB, btw. Hope you're having a wonderful day.
    Stop on by anytime.

  4. Your kids are so cute. All of their questions made me smile. It really wasn't THAT long ago. :)

  5. I'm glad I could entertain you! The shower IS a good place- you should also give the laundry room a shot (another one of my favs).
    Talk to you soon!

  6. You talked like my Mom :). She keeps on bragging about how cheap prices are before, how they get their colored tv. And we would go saying,'HOW OLD ARE YOU?!' :D

  7. This is hilarious! My kids do the same thing, they actually asked me what it was like growing up without television. I had to explain that television was actually invented long before I was born. :/ ~Just stopped by to follow, thanks for swinging by my blog today!

  8. I love telling my kids the story of when cell phones were in a bag and I kept it in my trunk! visiting from bee friendly friday follow

  9. I was telling my daughter yesterday that I remember when gas was .99 & that was before 911, so it wasn't that long ago.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  10. That's funny! Kids have no conception of time before they were born! The 2 world wars are the same war for them! My father was sharing about the 2nd world war to a bunch of kids and they began to ask him about the first! Patsy from


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