Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Down on the Farm: Road Kill

Over the past few weeks, I have discussed numerous aspects of motherhood, but I have not yet touched on the highly acclaimed but never popular topic of morning sickness.

I experienced this not so glamorous side effect of pregnancy with all six of my children.  I would start to feel the nauseousness like clock work at eight weeks along and carry it through until about five months, when I would start to feel better.

When I was four months pregnant with our third child, Katelyn, Richard and I were in the process of building in Birdseye.  We were living in Mapleton but had started attending the branch on Sundays.  Nobody yet knew that I was pregnant.  Richard and I prided ourselves on how long we could hide it before the news came out. 

This particular Sunday started out like many of the others.  I began the day with some cream of wheat and toast, (it goes down smoothly and comes back up the same way - can I say that  in public?)  Richard and I were speaking in sacrament meeting and so of course, we wanted everything to run smoothly. 

We left early, wanting to get there in plenty of time.  As we were driving up the windy canyon, morning sickness bore its ugly head.  I informed Richard he would have to pull over immediately, which was a feat in this section of the canyon.  But like the true professional he was in this kind of situation, he zipped off the highway onto the narrow shoulder, and I quickly jumped out.

As I stepped away from the car, hoping the fresh air would be enough to get us back on the road, there it was.  An unfortunate deer had got hit by a car right in this particular spot, and not just recently by the look of things.  Needless to say, my hope for fresh air was dashed in a whiff and also needless to say, it took more than a little fresh air to help me get back on the road.

I have to admit, I don't look at road kill without thinking of this moment in my life and laughing, (now).  And if there's any advice I can share, it is this: when we women need you men to pull over immediately, you probably have enough time to inspect if something has already been pulled over, or should I say drug over, there first.


  1. cute blog! I've linked it to mine, but I don't update it very often - good job!

  2. Oh my goodness! I could see the entire story playing out - yea for vivid imaginations! I am so sorry you had to go through that though I thoroughly appreciate the story. Hilarious!


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