Friday, March 11, 2011

Crowning Moments!

I know I've already covered this topic, but last night, at Weston's last church basketball game of the season, can I just tell you the excitement in the air!  Let me start out by saying we played an undefeated team.  Our little warriors fought hard and came away victorious!!!  36-37: the final score. 

Our opponents were so desperate in the last 14 seconds of the game to keep the one point lead they had, that they were literally grabbing onto the backs of our players shirts to keep them from going anywhere with the ball.  But fighting hard, our young team pulled through.

I have to admit that the unexpected win was definitely a "crowning moment", but as a mother, the real "crowning moment" happened as the boys were heading out of the gym.

 Jake, one of Birdseye's most experienced and best players, came up to Weston, (the youngest and shortest of anyone on any team they've played,) and told him that without the points he scored, the Birdseye team would have lost.  This comment, accompanied by a high five, meant more to me than a thousand wins.

Jake isn't the only one that boosted Weston's ego.  Thanks goes out to Brian, for being a true coach!  Your view of the bigger picture is what has made this such a great experience for Weston, and my whole family.  Jake, Seth, Finn, and Landon, Britt, Dallin, Brad, Adam, Jason, and Elijah - thank you for helping Weston feel a part of the team.  Let's shoot for post season play next year!

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