Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Down on the Farm: The Making of a Little Lady

Brooklyn, our latest lady-in-training.

"Close your mouth when you chew."

"Say, 'Please'."

"Use your fork."

"Leave your hair alone."

"Put your dress down."

"Don't stuff your mouth so full."

"Remember to say, 'Thank You'."

The rules for growing up and becoming little ladies and gentleman are endless.  At times, I wonder if my constant effort at teaching will ever sink in. But, perserverance is the name of the game.  At small moments in time, the fruits of my labors manifest themselves and the "Hallelujah" chorus sings in my head.

Well, last week, I had to add a new admonition.  (This may not be for the weak of stomach.  Sorry if it offends. :)

Down on the farm,  when your hands are dirty, you're moving around bales of hay, and various other jobs that keep your hands busy, spitting is a common practice.  I, however, have never mastered that art.  And, I do mean art.  It is trickier than you would think.

If you have seen Mulan, there is a place in that movie where she is trying to prove that she is a guy, and she spits.  That is exactly how my attempts turn out.

Richard, my husband, is a pro.  It's quick and clean; an inspiration, even though, I have long since given up on the practice. 

Apparently, while he had Brooklyn, my 1-year-old, down at the barn with him, he spit.  He told me she started trying to do the same, just copying what she had seen.  She would stick out her tongue and blow, make her little mouth into an "o" and blow, lean over the ground and make a blowing sound; it was all pretty funny to watch, apparently.

Well, it wasn't as funny when, two days later, she leaned over our vent in the kitchen and, like a true farmer, spit, quick and clean.  Needless to say, it left me slightly speechless.  I did, however, have a number of thoughts run through my mind.  My first thought was, "Wow, what a talented little girl I have."  My second thought was, "How did she learn to do that?  I've been trying since I was ten!"  My third thought was, "Great!  Now I have to clean out that vent, again."  And my final thought was, "Thanks Richard, my little lady just hucked a lougie into our vent!"

Obviously, my work is cut out for me!

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